Byron Hamburgers, Glasgow City Centre

Well, kids. I’m headed off to London soon for a few days to explore the city and gain some weight.

It’ll be my first time there outside of Heathrow Airport, sans a less than 24 hour trip for some job training where I had just enough time to quickly scarf a cupcake down from Primrose Bakery then head back home.

So, I’m looking forward to exploring all the variety that apparently London has to offer. I’ll definitely be updating the ole instagram and this here blog with my adventures.

Anyway, the main reason me and the Mister go anywhere is to try the food. It turns out we now don’t have to travel far to taste London’s take on American burgers, as the  London-based chain Byron Hamburgers has recently opened up in the city centre.



So, for those of you not based in Glasgow… the city has become overpopulated with big sloppy burger and BBQ joints. A typical burger will be about 2 inches thick, the patty all overdone, shriveled and overcast by the bun – stacked with various types of pork and/or dairy. It’s a bit much and I just want a bit of variety to choose from… so initially when I saw that yet ANOTHER burger joint was opening up, I huffed and paid it no attention.

While under construction we were watching some show on tv (sorry, cannot remember!) that talked about Byron and how they will cook your burger medium/medium rare for you, which intrigued the Mister. We vowed to give it a shot when it opened and we stayed true to our word.

We went around 4:30pm on a Saturday and it was pretty quiet, so we got our pick of seats. There’s plenty of space for when it might get crowded, pretty minimal decor, but it works.


Byron claims to make ‘Proper Hamburgers’ – trying to keep things simple and reminiscent of a burger joint based in Rhode Island the owner fell in love with. The menu below is pretty simple, but I can appreciate that. I believe they do a special burger to keep things interesting for the durty burger lovers out there. Plus, if you get it they provide a school meal for children in need as part of the one feeds two charity. Bonus!

We opted for the Bunzilla… because one, the title. And two, miso bacon? Oft. And the chili burger with just normal fries. The server or menu didn’t mention cooking the burger to medium or however we want and we were simply too meek and hungry to ask.

When the burgers came out I was a little surprised at the size. In comparison to other burger chains it seemed a bit on the smaller side given the price they are charging. The Bunzilla burger was excellent though and we both enjoyed every element of it… especially that miso bacon. But at almost £11… it definitely felt like London prices.



The chili burger wasn’t spicy at all. I think I’ve got a decent ability for heat tolerance and this burger was pretty mild. There was something a bit artificial tasting about the chipotle mayo, but not enough to stop me from eating the burger. Just odd enough to stop me enjoying it to the max. I added some of their house Bryon Hot Sauce – which was similar to Cholula, a bit weaker.

The fries were just normal and a little on the undercooked side for me. Nothing special and I would say, probably not a necessity. We ordered it with a side of homemade aioli and I wish we hadn’t. Again, a really artificial taste in the dip. It must just be the mayo they use there? It was also really buttery – think the garlic dipping sauce you get at Papa Johns.


The quality of meat was really decent. I didn’t find the burger patty too thick (I prefer thin) it was cooked fine – juicy, but not too greasy. The bread buns were really soft, pillow soft. I’ll definitely be going back because they do a 4 scoop ice cream milkshake that I should have ordered instead of fries.

So, I can’t complain too much. My first experience of the chain ran pretty smooth. It was quiet, the staff was friendly, I got a good burger and my tummy left happy. Even though I mentioned the burgers being smaller compared to other chains, I was content enough to where a dessert would have taken me over the comfortable edge. I just want my money’s worth…



Byron Hamburgers

1QL, 100 W George St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G2


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