Borough Market, London

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London happened about two weeks ago and to be honest I was shocked about what a great time I had. So lovely, that I didn’t really mind the rain or the crowds… in small doses. 

Having so many people brings so much variety and it was great to be in an environment offering so many choices on what to do, where to go and more importantly… what to eat.

I am still trying to sort out some of the photos and what to include. Besides packing/unpacking going through photos is the most labor intensive part of a holiday. I love it really, but I’m just quite slow at it – so please bear with me.

I’ll be putting in posts about all my snack adventures over the course of a couple of weeks, but I thought I should start off with my favorite part of London: Borough Market.

Borough Market is one of the oldest food/produce markets around, originating in the 11th century, so it’s definitely not a secret. However, it is a must for any self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ and worth a visit for everyone else.


Now, this massive market is somewhat divided into two sections- one focusing a bit more of food products and local produce, the other is made up of different food stalls offering a good choice of international cuisine. Essentially though, you can get your breakfast or lunch anywhere in the market.

In fact, you could probably fill up on all the free samples but it’s hard to resist a purchase or two.The first thing I eyed when we walked in was the Bread Ahead stall. They had great smelling booth full of loaves and baguettes, but what called to me… the donuts.


It was hard to choose just one, but we opted to split the hazelnut and almond praline donut to save some room for lunch. It’s probably the biggest regret of the trip that we didn’t get more. The taste was surprisingly light with a lemony tang. Quite possibly the best eat of the entire trip… and I had to split it. 


It’s a real shame we didn’t have access to a kitchen during the trip, which might be a good shout for next time. All the produce and seafood was a tempting buy. The market was full of vibrant colors and overall had a really good atmosphere despite being a little on the busy side. But that’s London, so you just need to embrace it. We went just before lunch and by the time we left it was heading close to 1pm. I think we were somewhat caught up on the lunchtime rush.

DSC_1896IMG_9234 (1)DSC_1887DSC_1869

We did a fair amount of sampling and settled on getting lunch from Gastronomica, which was full of Italian cheeses and sandwiches. Mr.Snacks opted for a piadina and wolfed into it before I could get a good photo, but it was packed full of parma ham, rocket, soft cheese and even a bit of avocado. I got a salami and cheese panino- very authentic in taste, though by the end of it I was dying for a glass of water. The salt content was a bit much, which says a lot as I could take shots of soy sauce all day. Again though, bread. Very delicious.

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Not directly in the market, but just outside of it… we opted to top lunch off with a flat white from Monmouth. There was literally a line out the door, which I assume must be quite common. The coffee bean smell flows strong in their airy location, easily luring customers in.

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The queue was very efficient, as I’d expect in London. We maybe waited ten minutes, no more for coffee. Beware, the standard milk is whole milk – this seemed to be typical of all coffee shops we went to in London. So, the coffee really did feel like a holiday in a cup. The roast had a very strong floral aftertaste, but it was smooth and quite delicious.

I’d definitely recommend taking the coffee out for a wee wharfy walk… after your multiple market snacks of course.

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So much love for Borough Market. I’ll definitely be back.


Borough Market

Borough High Street


2 Park Street


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