Street Feastival at Restless Natives, Glasgow

I know it’s a few days overdue, but I just wanted to show a little bit of local love for the Restless Natives festival that took place in Glasgow’s east end over the past week.

Restless Natives described itself as ‘a cross-platform multi-venue cultural festival championing independent purveyors of music, film, food, drink, business and numerous other fields within Scotland.’

And based on the schedule alone, I think it lived up to just that. Multiple venues, music acts, movies, a very publicized Q&A with Armando Iannucci… and the part that got this granny out of the house – the mini festival within a festival… the Street Feastival.

This took place on May 14th and 15th, just across from The Barras market within the Glasgow Collective Studios. On site were a few stalls of vintage clothes, crafts, and some local food stalls. Inside the collective Dear Green Coffee served up fresh beans. There were a few small art bits, vinyl sounds and Innis and Gunn on tap.

Outside was a little makeshift beer garden which Mr. Snacks and I put to good use seeing as the weather on Saturday was basically perfect, especially for Glasgow standards. Beer and cider – a little pricey for plastic cups and cans – we overheard a few complaints about this, but for an outside spot in Glasgow with enough seats for everyone we didn’t mind too much and easily knocked back a couple.


As a bonus, they had some bubbles on the tables and there were a few lovely dogs kicking about. A really lovely relaxed atmosphere and some decent eats on offer.

We first went with Bonnie Burrito, because we are forever searching for delicious Mexican food. A food truck based in Edinburgh, offering a suspected Scottish twist on tortilla wraps- offering Irn-Bru pulled pork (not actually that uncommon) and haggis/veggie haggis fillings. 


I got chicken because I’m boring and Mr.Snacks opted for the Irn-Bru pork. You could actually taste the Irn-Bru a little bit, though it wasn’t overly sweet. The burrito was jam packed full of sauces and veg, but for a fiver it was pretty steep for what I’d consider a standard mini burrito, about the size of a coke can. What did stand out was the scotch bonnet hot sauce – proper heat in there, which I can appreciate. 


So, the burrito did fill me up, but didn’t stop me from wanting to try Southeast Asian treats from Ekeko Eats. Bao, baby. 

We opted to split a beef bao, but they offered veggie and pork fillings too at a really reasonable price. 1 for £4 or 2 for £7.

Super delicious. Really fluffy steamed bun, filling was well seasoned and the red chillies gave it a nice spice. If I hadn’t already eaten a burrito  I wouldn’t be sharing. Oink.


Everything tasted really fresh, plus those colors. 


Ekeko Eats debuted it’s food stall at Restless Natives and I’ll definitely be following them about on social media to find out where they go next. Consider me a fan. 


Also up for grabs were several sweet treats – fresh crepes, waffles on sticks, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes… it’s very surprising I was able to resist, really. I guess that’s my body going into some sort of diet mode? 

Until next time. Good job, Glasgow.




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