Gelupo, Soho, London.

Oh, such heat we’re having and I fear it’s only starting. 

I’m definitely more of a winter woman, but summer has its perks… one being iced coffee and the other is, of course ice cream.

I hate to say it Glasgow, but you’re definitely lacking with the proper in-house made ice cream choices. There’s a few Italian-inspired locations, but there is nothing like Gelupo.


Now, given the choice I would pick gelato over ice cream any day.

For me, it’s the fact that there’s less cream and more milk in gelato which means the flavors are often more intense, but without all the heavy dairy to cloud them. Less cream means less fat. Most gelato tends to leave eggs out as well, which is how that texture remains light. I find gelato more refreshing for this reason, especially if you get a fruit flavor.

I know that sounds a bit strange as it is churned slower than ice cream to create a more dense feel. Ice cream can often be airy, but I think the slow-churn leans itself to that ‘silky and smooth’ texture -Which thanks to razor commercials we equate with lightness. Or at least I do.

Whatever the method behind it, it’s delicious.

And I must say Gelupo is up there with some of the best (Vivoli, obviously). 

A stylish little gelateria tucked away in Soho, just across from it’s famous pal Bocca di Lupo.  


Inside, the set up is adorable with shades of blue and traditional shiny canisters of gelato. It was a bit dim inside, not too crowded which made the place feel relaxed. A little bar set up with a few tables in the back, means you can stay or just sit with your gelato so you don’t make a mess on the go. 


I made a mess anyway and somehow managed gelato all in my hair. One minus about gelato is that it’s stored at a lower temperature than ice cream which means it can sometimes melt quicker equating to a drippy cone. Plus, I’m clumsy.


It seems like we arrived during blood orange peak and trust me it was a tempting flavor… but ultimately I went for Ricotta and Sour Cherries.

I was definitely not disappointed – it wasn’t too sweet, a really strong flavor of ricotta that was excellently balanced by some proper tart cherries. The little cherry syrup swirls though were a sweet offset. 


Mr. Snacks opted for the Rhubarb Crumble, as rhubarb is his go to flavor. He absolutely loved it. I think maybe the rhubarb could have been a bit more prominent, but the base was soft and had a light vanilla flavor. I liked the crunchy crumble topping, more please.


We vowed to go again. I really wanted to try the Pistachio and Tiramisu… but it wasn’t meant to be. I definitely vow to go back anytime I’m in London, which probably won’t be for a while… so I’ll just suggest you go instead.

Adorable set up, great gelato, friendly service… coffee and loads of other little frozen treats and bakes. 

All this talk about gelato being better than ice cream feels a little like a betrayal. I’m going to get the Ben and Jerry’s out to feel less guilty.

Cookie Dough I love you, but Gelupo I long for you.




7 Archer St, London W1D 7AU, United Kingdom


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