These three weeks.

Well, I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve basically put this blog off for the past three weeks.

Fear not, I have been still been snacking and delaying my diet/beer ban.

(It’s just too hard when the sun is out)

I’ve built up so much content that it’s been a little daunting to sit down and sort it all out. Also, I desperately need a new photo editor, because this apple photos thing is an utter joke. I know, but I’m worried if I actually get Lightroom my five year old mac will burst into flames.

Anyway, I still wanted to share bits of London with you which feels like an absolute age ago.

So, these past three weeks have been a mix of the following:

  • Snacking
  • Actual work
  • New beereries around Glasgow
  • Another leftover banana recipe
  • Fashion photo shooting (you can see some work here: The Chic Guide)
  • Another birthday
  • Amsterdam
  • General malaise

I’m very excited to share everything with you and I’m going to get myself together. I’m still trying to cope with the fact I’m now 30 and brexit.

Let’s get the fun started. But I’ll leave you with this little shot from a previous trip to Amsterdam. It seems optimistic.





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