Ekeko Eats Pop Up at Dukes, Glasgow

So, I love Dukes. 


It’s probably one of my favorite bars not just in Finnieston, but in Glasgow. I almost hate to write about it for fear that at some point I’ll go in on a Saturday night and not get a seat.

Dukes has a very comfortable feel, which might be down to the padded seat cushions, but really it’s just the entire atmosphere. No matter what time or day I’ve wandered in there’s always a seat or standing room at the bar. I’ve never felt like my personal space was debatable. The bar itself is located on a cozy little corner of Old Dumbarton Road, hosting various pop ups and often live music. On offer they have a small selection of beers, wine and a decent menu for cocktails. Oh, and board games!

There’s an ultra lax vibe – normally dim lit, a couple of turntables out playing various eras of music, friendly staff and if you’re lucky there might be a dog or two lurking about.

This time I was lucky because Ekeko Eats was doing a kitchen takeover from July 15th -17th. 


If you follow this blog, then you’ll know I first fell in love with a Ekeko Eats via a last minute decision to split a pork bao at the Restless Natives Festival

So, on a Saturday Mr. Snacks and I popped into Dukes as very keen beans and were close to first in ordering two bao. Tiger eats Pig and Tiger eats Veg.

Now, I do love my vegetables – especially when deep fried (it’s the Texan in me), but the pork was yet again spot on. Really soft and nicely seasoned, but not too soggy with sauce. Both bao really benefited from the crunch of fresh veg and I really enjoyed the bit of kimchi on the veggie bao. I’m not entirely sure what veg made up the fritter… I want to say courgette was present… it was delicious all the same.

IMG_2637Both steamed buns were nice and fluffy… but one bao is not enough for my gut. We went back for chicken wings. I would have ordered the miso corn as well, as miso is such a great flavor, but I have some serious qualms with eating corn on the cob in public. I’m a messy eater, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Anyway… chicken wings. The slaw was simple and tasty- nice vinegar (rice vinegar?) taste which helped off set the the fried aspect of the chicken. While I did enjoy these very much I think the wings could have been covered in a bit more sauce as there was a little tease of some, but I would have preferred some bolder Asian flavors there.


I can’t complain too much though, such a delicious little colorful lunch. Beer and Bao. It’s a good combination. 

And, I just love this.


Ekeko Eats is currently running the kitchen at McCune Smith Cafe until July 31st. If you can, I’d suggest making a trip out east to see what’s on offer.


Dukes Bar

41 Old Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G3 8RD


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