Paesano Pizza, Glasgow

So, don’t think of this as a review, this is more about bragging rights. Glasgow has some legit pizza and I just want to show it off.
Serving by far the best pizza in town and definitely better than a few pizzas I’ve had in Italy. It is my go-to eatery for practically any occasion. In fact, I’m just going to say it: Paesano Pizza is my favorite place to eat at in Glasgow.
Word. You can’t go wrong with pizza and this pizza is authentic, simple, cheap… and most of all absolutely delicious.
Here it is all about tradition. They had their wood-fired ovens brought over from Naples and adhere to pizza guidelines of the AVPN ( Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana). You can read the detailed rules here but basically it’s specific to the type flour and cheese used. San Marzano tomatoes are a must.
Paesano prides itself on its fresh and native Italian ingredients, of which the menu makes good use. Keep it simple and keep tuna and sweetcorn out of the building.
It’s very rare that I wouldn’t be in the mood for pizza, Mr. Snacks and I have been round Paesano pretty often. I’ve had a chance to try all the pizzas on offer there, give or take a few specials which often involve a slightly different cheese or Ndjua. My absolute favorite thing to order is the Margherita pizza, plus chillies. I do love a bit of spice.
Also, the fennel sausage with peppers. I mean, I’ve not had a bad pizza there ever. Even the anchovies are alright for a slice. Do check the specials. If Parma Ham is an option, order it. Immediately.
Oh… and see when part of the crust gets a little burnt and forms this little charred crust bubble?

I’m very much a bread person and a huge reason I love this style of pizza is because of that thick bready, part-sourdough crust. The middle is really light and thin, which again doesn’t bog down the super fresh ingredients.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I normally scarf a full pizza when I visit. My tip for eating the pizza:  make an initial cut with a knife or pizza cutter and cut it into slices or with a knife and fork, either is fine… but save the crusts.
I normally eat the inside of half of the pizza which leaves some space to pour out a generous portion of chili oil. A sprinkle of salt and then all that spicy oil gets mopped up with doughy crust and shoved into my gub.
It’s one my most favorite moments in life. So good. Then I get to do it all over again with the other half.
Normally I’m too focused to order any antipasti, but on occasion I have ordered dessert. They do soft serve ice cream that is light and airy… so it’s perfectly reasonable that you would still have room for a little sweet at the end of a full pizza. Get it with Amerena cherries and pass on any of the cakes. The ones I’ve had tend to be a bit on the dry side.
That’s only one small downside and to be fair, I don’t go to a pizza place for cake.
They do have a pretty limited drinks list though and I have heard a few people complain about not having actual wine glasses to drink out of. My only issue is that service can sometimes be a bit chaotic, as it’s usually packed. But as busy as the place gets I’ve never had to wait for more than 20 minutes for a seat – that was only once on a Friday night. Well worth it.
 Also, the prices are insanely good. I mentioned previously that I now compare meals to ‘well, I could have had a full Paesano Pizza for that…’ It’s my default.
Oh, and you can get your pizza to takeaway. Paesano pizza in the comfort of my own PJs?
Yup, I’m in love. Another win for Glasgow.
94 Miller Street
G1 1DT

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