Away we go…

Hello Everyone.

I’m currently typing to you from a giant soft bed in Chicago. I’ve already eaten far too much today, but I still haven’t had this deep dish pizza. It has only been a day and a half, but that is half of our time here… and if I am being honest, the main inventive for paying a visit.

Och, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Like I planned to have my Cinnamon Chocolate Babka recipe up before the trip and I planned to get this deep dish pizza essentially upon arrival on Saturday night… But ended up lying down for a ‘nap’ after a 12 hour flight then waking up at midnight. Hm.

So, basically. I’m on holiday… for three whole weeks. Count them three.

This consists of a few days in Chicago and then to Texas for a catch up with family and tacos. Obviously.

I’m really excited to share all of my food adventures with you. I’ve already been making a few posts via Instagram and Twitter – though it is only the beginning. Social media will be a bit easier to update during this time, so please make sure you keep up! You know I take a while, but we get there in the end.

It’s my first time in Chicago and so far it’s been excellent. There will be plenty of updates to make, along with blog posts ahead.

And I’ll just say today’s food adventure was epic:

Chicago Gourmet.

Such full bellies. Also, we’re already sunburnt. It’s essentially only been one day as we arrived at sunset on Saturday. One day. Such pale bodies.

Anyway, I am full of enthusiasm and various cuts of pork and beef.

Oft to bed… tomorrow I need to make sure pizza happens.

Mon the snacking!


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