Snacking Highlights of 2016

Well… Hello.

It’s now 2017 and I was so caught up/slightly tipsy through the holiday festivities that it was hard to find a moment to sit and type about all the food and fun being had.


I don’t feel like I can properly move into the new year without officially closing off 2016.


And there’s no better way to do that then a recap in list form!


So, here we go… My favourite new food findings of 2016.

10. S’mores Pastries at Bakery Lorraine, San Antonio TX
Oh, Bakery Lorraine you are something so special. Toasted thick marshmallow, rich chocolate ganache and hints of cinnamon/graham cracker in eclair or tart form. The ultimate ‘Treat Yo’self’ snack.

9. Borough Market, London UK
DSC_1839 (1)
I don’t think I’ve been to a better or hipper snack haven. Read the full review here.
Highlights- salted caramel donut and a salami panino.


8. Pfaffenglück, Hamburg DE
A deliciously soft herby bread roll stuffed with cheese and bacon, then topped with Crème fraîche. Enough calories to keep you warm during the cold christmas market nights.


7. Chicago Style Hot Dogs at Portillos Hot Dogs, Chicago IL
This year I tried my first Chicago Style dog and it was pretty much perfect. As a massive fan of pickles- it’s the only way I ever want to hot dog. Plus, crinkle fries. Adorable.


6. Various Street Food/Pop Up Events, Glasgow UK
Glasgow is my home and I am immensely proud of what is happening within the food and drink sector. It’s becoming bigger and better and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for the city. To represent them all- local favourites and makers of the best bao in town: Chompsky.


5. Red Velvet Donut from Glazed and Confused, Chicago IL
 The sweetest donut that ever lived smothered in cream cheese frosting. Amen.


4. Fruits de Mer at The Seafood Bar, Amsterdam NL
 What a way to celebrate a birthday. Insanely fresh seafood paired with a bit of prosecco. Crab Legs forever.


3. Fried Chicken from Kimchi Cult, Glasgow UK
A favourite of mine in Glasgow – mainly because this chicken is finger lickin’ good and has super crunch! Join the cult and read my review here.


2. Any Pizza from Paesano Pizza, Glasgow UK
I might be cheating a bit, yeah I was eating at Paesano back in 2015 with all the cool kids… but 2016 was pizza daft- for me and for Glasgow. Paesano started it all. It’s definitely the eatery I frequent the most and it’s damn delicious. I’ve already praised it here.


1. Chicago Gourmet, Chicago IL
I seriously lucked out when I found out this event just happened to be on the weekend we were in Chicago. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had – unlimited elegant, tiny tasty snacks. Plus, my own refillable keepsake wine glass. I would fly back just for this event if I could. Read a bit more about it here.


And that completes 2016. A good year for snacking and weight gain.


2017, I don’t know how you can top that, but I’m willing to find out.


Happy Snacking.



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