Super Bario, Glasgow

Glasgow Gamers can finally bask in the bright lights and nostalgic sounds of old arcade cabinets… and all while enjoying a beer or two.

The long awaited Super Bario opened it’s ‘barcade’ doors on January 13th and seems to be the talk of the town already. The bar began as a Kickstarter project in late 2015 – hit their target and was projected to open almost a year ago in February 2016. Clearly some complications in the set up… but it’s now all systems go.


Super Geek Mr. Snacks has already been twice in one week, but we first paid a visit on Sunday night. All the elation and joy on Mr. Snacks face was unbearable and as soon as we ordered a couple of beers he was off.

For this week, Super Bario was offering free play on most of their games which was great. Prices appeared to be a pound a play at the most.


I went wild on the Tales from the Crypt pinball. I absolutely adore pinball, despite being awful at it. The Tales from the Crypt machine is a great one to start off with because it offers that Crypt Keeper laugh on repeat and of course, MULTIBALL. So I was genuinely stoked- yes stoked to see that in the bar.


It’s all about the Street Fighter for Mr. Snacks and that’s a general statement.


They had all the classics any 90s kid would want to see – Moonwalker, Ninja Turtles, Windjammers and Ridge Racer. They have plans to rotate the game play monthly so it’ll be interesting to see what else they bring in. I’m hoping any Elvira pinball machine and of course, the holy grail that is The Twilight Zone.

The space is very tiny. We were lucky enough that for most of our time there only about six people were in. Oh a little chihuahua that was too quick to capture properly for a photo. If you’re planning on paying a visit soon, I’d get in for a seat early because based on social media – it’s starting to fill up quick.

It was a little bit of a let down that two of the machines were already not working properly for their launch weekend (though apparently running now) and the flippers on the pinball machines were sometimes not reactive, but overall there’s a very fun and friendly vibe. Everyone in seemed quite excited and there was lots of playful competition in the air.

With a good selection of beers and spirits you definitely won’t go thirsty. I know they are planning on adding coffee and food to the menu later on, so I’m looking forward some pun-titled snacks.


I definitely think this will do well in Glasgow. It’s different, it transports back to your youth or the youth you wish you had… and it’s got booze!


Super Bario, 7 King St, Glasgow G1

P.S. It’s currently cash only.


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