Hoot the Redeemer, Edinburgh

Hoot the Redeemer might be my best accidental find.
A super kitsch basement bar serving up Technicolor alcohol in various ways.
Let us enter through the dark stairwell, led by Hoot himself into this boozy funfair.


 The bar opened in 2015 from the team behind the illustrious Panda and Sons. I’m not in Edinburgh as often as I would like to be, so I’m a little unfamiliar with the city. Back in December after getting our fill of the castle lights and mugs of glühwein we were searching to find a bar close by that wouldn’t be too crowded. Mr. Snacks put good use to Google and turns out Hoot the Redeemer was our closest watering hole.


Located just off the bustle of Princes Street, it’s very possible you might have passed the bar before. Beyond the neon and before you enter the bar you’re greeted by a Scottish fortune teller.




Push the door and it feels like you’ve entered a mix between a carnival and a 1950s drive-in. I really cannot think of anything more suited to my taste.




I was already excited enough with all the vintage-styled art work and walls lined with old cinema seating… and then I saw the menu.




Alcoholic slushies, colourful cocktails…and a boozy selection of ice cream. Perfect.


I must admit I’m a serious fan of those slushies. The bar usually has three on the go, with the Corpse Reviver being my favourite. These cute little cups certainly pack a punch… don’t worry about the taste being watered down.




I would definitely recommend trying the special slushies on rotation (I believe they do this monthly). On our last visit in March we got to sample the El Diablo – Tequila and ginger beer based. Delicious.


The cocktails tend to be rainbow bright and sweet. A little tiki inspired but with some lovely glassware. Below are the Mystic Ball and Hoopla Fix.




If nothing on the menu tickles your fancy you’re able to ask for a cocktail of your choice… or you can let the Pinch’n Sip decide for you.




For the price of a normal cocktail you can visit a little claw machine and pull from an array of flavours. Take your prize to the bar and they will work their magic and make you a personalised drink.


And we can’t forget about little Señor Scoop.



A brand of ice cream made by the owners, blending alcohol with great dessert combinations. It all comes from an adorably designed vending machine. Put your four pounds in and a vacuum hose will fetch your desired choice.


We opted for Bourbon Berry Pie and it was quite nice. I’m not a massive fan of alcoholic desserts, but the flavour was subtle enough for me to enjoy. Very smooth.




If none of this appeals to you, don’t worry they have a decent beer list – both on tap and bottled/canned.



Hoot the Redeemer has both style and substance. I love the old cinema seats, but prefer the big red couches. This is very much a dive bar atmosphere so you’ll get ripped couches and chairs. I love the suitcase coffee tables, but they are quite wobbly. That’s fine, I hold on pretty tight to these drinks.


There’s even an old arcade cabinet.




Also, these lights:




And for her pleasure… the bathroom is lined with Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently the boys room gets topless ladies. I can’t help but think us woman got a little gypped.




I really don’t think I could love this bar anymore… unless they maybe got a vintage dodgem car for me to sit in? Great drinks, friendly staff, and a fun atmosphere.


It’s definitely a must for me when I’m in Edinburgh.






7 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ, UK

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