Scottish Street Food Festival, May 2017

It was a grey and wet afternoon… but I still decided to venture over to the Riverside Museum yesterday to check out the first annual Scottish Street Food Festival.

It’s meant to be a big gathering of the best street food trucks in all of Scotland, with added music, alcohol, boat races… and a Coors Light ice cave rave.

While the latter might not exactly be my bag,I’m always up for a munch. So, here’s a little look at what the day was like.


Now, I didn’t drive to the event, but the parking lot looked pretty chaotic. So, if you are… beware.

The event itself wasn’t signposted at all, which I found strange. I only saw one promotional poster as I was leaving and it was by one of the ice cream trailers that the museum always has out.


Mr. Snacks and I arrived around 12:30 and ended up staying for about two hours. I think out of the entire day it was the soggiest time period to be there. Now, I know it was my decision to be out in the rain, but it didn’t make for the best experience. There is a little bit of covered seating, but not much. As soon as the rain hit, everyone was darting for cover.

While the rain was on, we decided to give Scottish Mexican another try via Burrito, which was located in the covered seating area.

Bless. It was one man working a massive queue all by himself. It took about half an hour to get two tacos. Sweet potato and brisket.

Store-bought tortillas aside, I have to admit the fillings were a little disappointing. There wasn’t much in the sweet potato taco, but the brisket one was pretty packed and hearty. Unfortunately, the brisket was a dry and covered in BBQ sauce. I would have liked more Mexican flavours. The search continues…

In the tent you could also find some market goods and fresh bakes.

And for all your cheesy carb needs – pizza and mac + cheese.

The vendors are all spread out along the left side walkway path and the front of the Riverside Museum. All the old Glasgow favourites were kicking about.

More Vendors:

Oh, and this ice cave?


But truth be told, but favourites are from Edinburgh. Cream Caravan, which I’ve had before at another food event (Good Food Glasgow) with their ‘burnt to order’ creme brûlée.


And then Shrimpwreck. I’ve tried their Shrimp Bun before at Taste Buchanan and it was divine.


So this time I went in for a few snacks.

And they only went and served up best damn sweet potato fries of my life. Also, cajun calamari.


Seriously, though the fries. So, crispy and made fresh to order. The calamari was nice – tasted a little too much of cumin, but still delicious.

East End restaurant A’Challtainn has a little pop up in a shipping container. I must admit, it looked pretty cute and it would definitely keep you out of the rain.


After another wee walk around in the drizzle, I was feeling pretty full so decided my time was up. While I enjoyed walking around for a little bit, the weather and the crowds/screaming kids really started to wear on my patience. There wasn’t really a ‘festival’ atmosphere and it’s not somewhere I could see myself hanging around at all day. Especially since a majority of the beer was Coors Light.

The only music I really noticed was for a VIP section of about 20 (it seemed very unnecessary) and a little brass orchestra, which seemed to be tied to the boat races taking place that afternoon. There was also a DJ in the covered seating area, but nothing seemed to really get started while we were there.

There is so much space at the Riverside museum, I really think they could have benefited from bringing in more covered seating + general seating, but also a few more market stalls and ideally food vendors.

It’s so great that there is such a demand for these events in Glasgow that they attract such big crowds, but they need to start thinking about what they can do to reduce the queue times.  All those stressed out vendors and hungry customers setting the tone.

I understand it’s the first year for the event and they made a good effort… but there’s always room for improvement.

So, until next year!

The Scottish Street Food Festival is on today from 11:00am-10:00pm.

You can find more out about the event via their Facebook page.

Don’t forget your raincoat!



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