Sundays in Mauerpark, Berlin

I had previously heard from a few different sources that Mauerpark is worth a visit if you’re in Berlin, even more so if you happen to visit on a Sunday.

Sunshine, beer, layabouts, flea markets, street food and a little something called Bearpit Karaoke.

I’m easily sold.

From where I came, the walk down to Mauerpark was full of way cool cafes with beautiful outside dwellers. It led us to a little supermarket and this Berlin wall mural.

Around the corner was small little street market selling mostly… well junk and fresh fruit juices.


Decided to head to the nearby supermarket and by a disappointingly warm beer and head on in.


So, Mauerpark is like a little bustling island running on positive vibes, grassy hair, black clothes and beer. I don’t know if it was just the sunshine, but it felt friendly and laid back. Literally everyone was sprawled across the grass laying back. Looks like a good park to nap in.

So, Bearpit Karaoke.

Since 2009, a guy named Joe Hatchiban has been bringing his karaoke kit to the park every Sunday (if the weather is decent) to bring people together over classic songs and questionable vocals. Be ready to sit close to people, maybe make a few pals, but mostly just have a genuinely good time.

There’s vendors walking around with beer (warm again), gins, and vodka shots to keep you in high spirits.

The worse you sound the better crowd reaction you’re going to get… dance moves will most definitely earn some hoots and hollers. A party for all ages. My favourite performance of he day was a little 70 year old German man. Adorable.


Do arrive early if you want a good seat though! I was stuck in front a tree trunk… a lovely one though.

So, opposite Bearpit Karaoke you’ll find rows and rows of flea market fun and a few food stalls. This open from 9:00am-6:00pm every Sunday.


Loving this 90210 pin game.

I probably could have spent ages rummaging through everything, but I’ll admit I was on the tipsy side. Loads of fun stuff, I particularly loved all cameras and maps.



I also learned that in Germany, Laurel and Hardy are called Dick and Doof, which is great. Everyday is a school day.

IMG_1992 2

Oh, and a guy who will write you some poetry on demand for coins.


Reaching peak tipsy, I was keen to get a little snacking on. Usual. Opted for bulgogi beef + kimchi from one of the stalls and it was pretty delicious. The beef was really tender and more kimchi is always welcome.

Ended the park experience with what is by far my favourite thing about Berlin – Photoautomats. It’s a proper one, but the city is now full of modernised photo booths too… which honestly, I find just as fun.

My number one tip for traveling in Berlin is to always have two euro spare, because you never know when you’ll stumble upon one. It’s definitely a good little holiday keepsake.

And there you have it. My Sunday in Mauerpark. Much better than my usual Sundays.

Love you, Berlin.




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