25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

This hotel is probably too hip for me.

I mean, bicycle rentals, morning monkey hollers, a permanent entrance line to a rooftop bar, hammocks…


Yeah. It’s far too hip for me. But when you’re on holiday nobody else has to know that, right?

So, if you’re planning a trip to Berlin this might be the place to lay your head.


The 25hours Hotel chain mainly runs across a few German cities, but I actually first discovered this brand while staying at their circus themed hotel in Vienna. I absolutely fell in love with it mainly due to the fact that there’s a photoautomat in the hotel lobby. During my research I noticed they had a location in Berlin, displaying zoo views and I knew that’s where I wanted to stay if I ever went to Berlin.

So, that time finally came. Booked up at the 25 hours hotel and decided to pay a little extra for the zoo view… which is something I normally would never do. Price wise I think the 25 hours hotel is pretty reasonable, but not cheap. For three nights, Sunday to Tuesday with a zoo view our total came to about just under 150 euros a night. Often you can get standard rooms from around 90-120 though, according to my previous searchings.

View from room.

So, this is what the Jungle M room looks like. Some come with hammocks, but this one didn’t, as that’s my luck. The bed was really comfy and soft though. The room itself is a little dark, due to minimal lighting and a black painted bathroom, but with the curtains open it’s crisp and bright.

The hotel sits right next to the Berlin Zoo, but is still very much in Berlin city and the design of the hotel plays to this. It’s a mix of gorgeous sprouting greens, jungle sounds, quirky art and unfinished ceilings. Industrial meets wildlife. It works well.

The hotel offers a coffee bar with overpriced baked goods and sandwiches— We sampled a morning coffee in the lobby, which has billowy hammocks for you to lounge in and a little patio if you wish to enjoy the outdoors.


The service was pretty slow and unfriendly, but the lobby has a really nice chilled out vibe to it. Ideal for napping, I can imagine.

There’s also a Middle Eastern/German fusion restaurant and of course, Monkey Bar. Rooftop cocktails, yes please.

Monkey Bar is pretty famous in Berlin, so at almost any time of night there is a queue of people waiting downstairs to get in. If you’re a guest you don’t have to wait to get in, but prepare to wait ages for a cocktail. We went on a Tuesday night and the place was absolutely packed. The cocktails were nice, but quite pricey for what they are/the wait.

I think I waited about 35 minutes to order and receive two cocktails… so just be prepared. But once I got my drink- all was good. I would maybe suggest going when it’s lighter outside, because when it’s night… it’s pretty much black if you’re facing the zoo, otherwise you can view Bikini Berlin. Definitely worth a visit if you’re already staying here though.


Location wise, the hotel worked well. Most of the things I wanted to do were around the Mitte area, but you’re right by the Zoo underground stop which is on the main line and it’s easy to connect to pretty much anywhere. It’s by the zoo, the aquarium and a shopping district. Most importantly though, it’s about a five minutes walk to Curry 36… so that’s your late night snacking sorted.


The hotel also rents out bicycles, which seemed popular with a lot of guests. Might be because that enormous Tiergarten is close by. There’s also a sauna and gym. I didn’t visit the sauna, but that has zoo views too.


So, you can either save money by just visiting the sauna to see a monkey or even better, have a walk through the Bikini Berlin Mall, to which the hotel is attached to. Grab a quick coffee and stare out window walls to see the monkeys play chase around a man built cave. It’s pretty cute and definitely a cheaper alternative. I thought for some reason I’d be able to see giraffes from my window… but that wasn’t the case, so to me the zoo view wasn’t really worth the extra euros. That’s wasted beer money— ah well, lesson learned.

View from Bikini Berlin.

Comfy and casual, I would gladly rebook this hotel for my next stay and make take a bit more advantage of what it has to offer.

Until next time!



25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
Budapester Strasse 40, 10787 Berlin, Germany


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