Bibimbap, Glasgow

Lately it’s getting a little harder to predict what is going to be the next big food fad in Glasgow.

Variety definitely makes for happy tummies but, if you’re like me, too much choice can be overwhelming— and since I feel like authentic Mexican or even decent Tex Mex is never going to happen, despite all my birthday wishes… let’s consider Korean!

Fermented, sour, pickly fun, tender meats, fried chicken and the joy of learning to pronounce new words. Sign me up- especially if it’s spicy (I think its supposed to be).

When I spotted Bibimbap smack in the city centre my heart fluttered a little bit. It might have been the adorable multi-coloured umbrellas hanging through the window, but I was looking forward to the opening at the end of February none the less.

I decided to venture in on opening weekend (sorry, I do realise it’s now mid April) and here’s how I got on.

When Mr. Snacks and I arrived it was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and it was pretty busy. We were seated at what looked like a table for four, but some chairs were missing so we had to sit side by side. I’m not opposed to this, but it was a little awkward at times. The restaurant itself is somewhat small and cramped due to how narrow it is, so I understand how difficult it could be for staff passing through.

Inside Bibimbap is dimly lit and covered in fake greens with burst of colours coming from neon lights and rainbow umbrellas. It’s a stylish and cozy atmosphere that I’m sure would be enhanced by their interesting list of cocktails. These alone will have me returning.

The menu is varied; I apologize to our servers that day for taking so long in deciding what to order. I narrowed my choices down to anything with Kimchi, which didn’t help. Plus, when you go to a new place you never know what the portion sizes will be like. Mr. Snacks and I opted for the YumYum Chicken Wings, Jeyuk Bokkeum and Dubdukimchi.


Now, in hindsight, not only do I have Kimchi Pancake regret but the Jeyuk Bokkeum and Dubdukimchi dishes were far too similar for two people to split.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same pork mix, although to our disappointment we didn’t find either dish spicy.


All Wok Fried dishes on the menu are served with lettuce wraps, which helped cut through some of the saltiness in the pork mix, but more lettuce would have been nice. I think we got about five between two people, which didn’t match the portion size.

And, on portion size; both dishes cost the same (£10.50), but my Dubdukimchi was a far better bargain as I got plenty of pork, tofu and of course, delicious tart kimchi. The kimchi was my favourite part of the dish though the pork was also well flavoured and tender.


Now, chicken wings. These were totally covered in Yum Yum sauce so prepare to get sticky. It’s maybe not the easiest or most romantic food, but they provide you with a wet wipe (why don’t all restaurants?!) so you’ll manage. The wings and little chicken drumsticks were crisp enough to provide a satisfying crunch but I must sound like a broken record in all my reviews- more heat please!


The chicken and the rest of the dishes were tasty and not greasy – which can be tricky for fried chicken. I just wish they substituted a little salt for more spice.

But, with that being said… of course I’ll be back. Casual, central and Korean. Yes. It’s always a good sign if you leave a place thinking about what you’re going to order next time.


Look out for a future update on their other dishes and maybe even a cocktail or two.

Happy Snacking.



3 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2PR


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