Six by Nico: Cooking Mexico

So, I am a woman of my word.

In my last review I mentioned that Six by Nico would be serving up ‘Mexican’ inspired dishes for their next rotational concept and of course, I had to get my table booked. As you might have noticed, I am forever on the quest to find good quality Mexican food in Glasgow.

So, were the flavours there? Let’s find out. I even got better photos this time thanks to some natural light!



So, here’s the menu for the event.


Even though I wasn’t impressed with the Wonka gin aperitif I cannot refuse a margarita… especially if there’s pineapple involved. The drink went down a treat because Glasgow is insisting on having a summer and I was quite warm.  The pineapple juice tasted really fresh and sweet, I personally would have liked to taste the tequila little more, but hey ho.


Because I want to eat all the Mexican food always, Mr.Snacks and I quickly decided to get the snacks even though they feel more Spanish. Smoked paprika butter was too tempting and turned out to be fantastic in both taste and colour.


No complaints at all about the bread or olives either, a classic combo. Now, the ‘quesadilla’ was basically a tortilla chip sandwich glued together with a sort of red pepper tasting mayo. It was fine, but I’d have happily traded it for a little more butter and olives.


On to the main feast and we’re going traditional with a taco. The cutest little taco I’ve ever seen and it was easily gobbled up in a bite. The strawberry worked well with the guacamole and crème frachie. All the taco taste was there and the chicken was juicy, decent on the tinga flavouring. 


Next up were nachos, which were anything but. The dish tasted more like a caprase salad, very Italian in taste. So while it was quite refreshing, it definitely wasn’t Mexican food but technically nachos aren’t either. 


Some of the tomatoes weren’t quite ripe so they were a little slimy and I would have liked more seasoning, because fresh tomatoes beg for salt, but the tortilla chips helped. This was a very light dish, and while I liked it I probably wouldn’t have missed it if it wasn’t there.

Elote… which translates into corn cob is a much beloved Mexican treat. Again, not what I think of when I think of Elotes or street corn or corn on the cob, but the dish was mighty tasty. I love the colors in this dish, it is maybe the most visually appealing of the menu. The green chorizo was well seasoned and crumbly and the textures of various corns were done well. I cannot resist a fried corn kernel and they provided a good crunch to a soft dish.


The fourth dish was my overall favorite of the savouries- seabass with mole and a new discovery for us- sikil pak, which is basically a pumpkin seed dip similar in texture to hummus. The fish was cooked perfectly, quite flaky and I really enjoyed the taste of the crab mole. I just wish there was more of it. I’m also convinced pickled red onions make every dish better and I regularly keep a jar of homemade ones in the fridge for added pink fun to my dishes.


Now, the after fourth dish is where I start to feel myself reaching food capacity, but I somehow power through an additional two courses and the fifth course seems to be the big meaty one. If I hear barbacoa my mind begins to gravitate toward foil wrapped breakfast tacos filled to the brim with slightly greasy succulent beef… this was a little more refined, but not nearly as satisfying.


Don’t get me wrong, the pork cheek was very tender, but the dish was lacking and got a few things wrong. One, as a personal thing I don’t like crackling much, but especially when it’s the tough faux popcorn kind of shiny crackling instead of the puffy crisp chicharron/pork rind type.

Also, beans are sacred in Mexican cooking and the refried bean gelatinous cold cube served up was pretty unappetising to see, let alone eat— so I didn’t after one small bite. Proper refried beans are almost liquid, super creamy and smooth. 

And then there was dessert. Definitely NOT a taco of any sort. Even if I closed my eyes, took a bite and tried to imagine  eating a choco taco or some form of that… but it was damn delicious. The chipotle caramel… more please. On everything please. 


As much as I love spicy food, I don’t tend to like to mix spice with my desserts— I very much have a separate sweet dessert palate. The flavour combos on here were just perfect. The buttermilk sorbet was sour, the banana bread dense but moist. There was super pillowy cream and that chipotle caramel was sweet, burnt and had a slight hint of spice that lifted each bite. I definitely need to look into recreating it because my mouth is watering just typing about it.

Needless to say, the meal ended on quite a high note and I left with a big full tummy and a smile on my face. I think that dessert might be my favourite dish out of the two meals  I’ve had from Six by Nico.

I do have a few of the same complaints. I want something a little more tied to/relevant to the theme and I want bolder flavours and more spice, dammit! But I had a good meal. In fact, much better than the Wonka effort and surrounding tables and even staff seemed to agree… this one was a keeper. A couple of filler plates, but that’s not a terrible thing. 

I think you maybe have three days left to try it- if you can still get a booking. Ha, sorry… you know I’m always behind on blog posts. I still have Copenhagen to talk about.

Or you can always look to book the next even which is an advernture based on British food from the 70s… yeah, I’ll be sitting that one out, kids. 

Anyway, stay tuned for my caramel chipotle baked something in the distant future.

Until then… Happy Snacking.




Six by Nico, 1132 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8TD


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