About Stepho

Hello, I’m Stepho.

I’m currently living in Glasgow with my husband spending most days at work and most nights with a cup of tea. It’s a quiet life, but a snacky one.

I’ve been in ole Glesga for the past ten or so years, but I’m originally from Texas. Home of BBQ, Tex-Mex, and of course Whataburger – it’s near impossible to fully cure the homesickness that often exists in my belly.

When I first came to Glasgow as a scruffy undergraduate there were a lot of adjustments to make, but food was always a focus. I was constantly making comparisons and always on the search for something new and delicious. Over the years this has turned into somewhat of an obsession and I spend at least 83% of the day thinking about future meals.

It’s annoying, I’m now (more) annoying. No, you can’t take a bite yet, I haven’t photographed that piece of cake, annoying.

I know I’m not alone, and the culture of food is growing and sneaking its ways into different forms of media and art. I want a piece of that pie too. I’m just a little out of practice and a little unskilled. I’m going to use this blog as an attempt to spend more time on what I enjoy. Along with spreading the word of what and where to snack. I’ll show you what comes out of kitchens and cities.

Food, photography and a little bit of writing. Expect to see all efforts involved. I will try to remain focused, but let’s see where the snacking takes us.

Welcome. I hope you like it.



You can email me at stephosnacks@outlook.com


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