Fiesta, San Antonio, TX

Let’s take another journey into the past.

Part of the reason I decided to visit San Antonio in April was because of Fiesta.

It’s an annual ten day event celebrating all things puro San Antonio through parades, parties, pin badges, bright colours and of course, food.

San Antonio is party city already, but it really comes to life during Fiesta. I couldn’t possibly do the history of Fiesta justice, so to find out more about it have a look on their website: Fiesta!

What I can do is share a little of my experience of the celebration. Let’s go!


Fiesta Fun!


Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival, New Braunfels, TX

Okay, here we go. Months later and I’m just finding some time to go through some photos and get motivated to sit and do a little writing. My head has been busy.

Seeing as my trip back home was in April and we’ve now reached mid-July all the details are a little fuzzy, but I still have things I want to share… and one of those things was my time at the 3rd annual Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival.


A day outside drinking Texas craft beer, munching a few snacks and listening to music… why not. Here’s how I got on.




Scottish Street Food Festival, May 2017

It was a grey and wet afternoon… but I still decided to venture over to the Riverside Museum yesterday to check out the first annual Scottish Street Food Festival.

It’s meant to be a big gathering of the best street food trucks in all of Scotland, with added music, alcohol, boat races… and a Coors Light ice cave rave.

While the latter might not exactly be my bag,I’m always up for a munch. So, here’s a little look at what the day was like.


More Street Snacks

Snacking Highlights of 2016

Well… Hello.

It’s now 2017 and I was so caught up/slightly tipsy through the holiday festivities that it was hard to find a moment to sit and type about all the food and fun being had.


I don’t feel like I can properly move into the new year without officially closing off 2016.


And there’s no better way to do that then a recap in list form!


So, here we go… My favourite new food findings of 2016.

It’s better late than never.

Happy Turkey Day!

So, it’s official. The holiday season has finally arrived.

It is my very favourite time of year. Cold weather, lots of food, lots of booze all wrapped in a big bow with ribbon curls.

I can hardly contain my Christmas cheer, genuinely. Today is Thanksgiving and I feel like I can now speak of the season without getting eyerolls and groans from the less-excited.

This year I’m preparing a big and rather traditional meal for me and Mr.Snacks. I’ve been slaving away all day and the turkey is still cooking as we speak… so there’s still even more work and more dishes to be done.

This year’s menu:

Citrus and Herb Turkey + Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole (oh, those little fried onions!)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Roasted Parmesan Broccoli and Cauliflower
Homemade Dinner Rolls
Mini Pumpkin Pies with Cinnamon Cream

I do it all for the leftover turkey sandwiches.

Now, Scottish winters are far too dark to get any decent photos of my dinner, but this way you can just assume it turned it good, just incase it doesn’t. I’ve already had a bit of drama this morning.

Part of that is around the pie. I like pie, I don’t love pie. And well, pie crust hates me. Even store-bought pie crust hates me. Look…


I don’t know how I manage to mess it up, but I always do. And, it even has a soggy bottom.

But, you need pumpkin pie at a Thanksgiving feast regardless of how you feel about it- and luckily the pumpkin pie filling I whipped up is pretty damn delicious.


I vow to brush up on my pie skills in the future. It’s definitely a work in progress and something I’d like to be good at… but tonight I’m all about the turkey.

2016 has generally been a bit of a shiter, but I hope there’s been a couple of bright spots for you!



Chicago Gourmet

The past month has been a bit of a whirlwind.

An absolutely amazing whirlwind of carbohydrates and beer which explains my five pound weight gain, but completely worth it. With all the early mornings, time changes, and lack of vegetables I’m just now getting around to something of a normal schedule.

My photos are all a mess, so it’s going to take some time to get everything sorted, but I have so much fun to share of my tales over stateside.

I wanted to start off with one of my favorite moments – Chicago Gourmet.

The event took place exactly four weeks ago, on the weekend of September 24th and 25th. We just so happened to be in town for the event and it could not have been a better coincidence. Essentially it’s a big ‘foodie weekend’ with a few special events, celebrity/local chef demos but the main part of the festival is just roaming around Millennium Park picking up endless fancy snacks and samples of various types of alcohol.

How adorable are these blue velvet donuts?

This is the 9th year for the event, which is presented by Bon Appétit magazine and had a good mix of local Chicago restaurants/chefs and nationally recognised brands – mainly in terms of alcohol.

You buy one pricey ticket (about $200 bucks) and then once the gate opens you get a little goodie bag that contains flyers, a ceramic Chicago Bears coaster, an energy bar and a little plastic tray. Then you pick up your Chicago Gourmet branded wine glass and that’s you free to let loose for five or six hours.

Genuinely you can grab as much food or drink as you want – no need for tokens/coupons or purchasing anything additional inside. It’s great.

There was so much to eat and drink and this being our first time here, not really knowing much about the event we just aimlessly walked around stuffing our faces. img_7683

Snacks Ahoy!

Good Food Glasgow

This is a little overdue, but food trucks in Glasgow definitely deserve to be highlighted. 

Good Food Glasgow first rolled into town this spring for six weeks across April and May as a trial run for a potentially permanent fixture. The food truck event was based within Glasgow city centre across two locations, Broomielaw and Merchant City. And recently was back in Broomielaw for a couple of weeks before ending at the start of July on short notice. I believe this was due to a lot of the normal vendors being pre-booked for other summer fun.


Anyway, it was great to see a variety of food trucks on display within Glasgow and I for one would definitely be happy if Good Food Glasgow became permanent or took on various forms within town. Pop ups are already well and alive – but the city is behind on the food via wheels craze.

Just to let you know, I only visited the Merchant City location and sadly didn’t try all the trucks available, so I’ll only comment on what I had.


I’ll admit, the first weekend I attended I was pretty disappointed in the selection on offer. I had seen lots of photos online from the previous weekend of tasty looking food and I had just come back from London – which has street food everywhere and in fact entire buildings set up for different food stalls with a full bar (Oh, Dinerama!). So showing up and seeing five stalls lined up – one being Equi’s which I can buy anywhere, left me standing around wondering if one of the other blocks had more to offer, but no that was it. 

In fact, I was so disappointed that I didn’t really want anything to eat, but Mr.Snacks is always up for a munch and decided on Babu Bombay Street Kitchen. We haven’t tried it in years after having a soggy ketchup sandwich dilemma. And I can safely say we won’t be trying anything from it again. The portion for the price wasn’t enough. It was a small box with a very watery lukewarm curry and what seemed like a shop bought bit of bread. Despite all the coriander the flavor was nonexistent. For the same price of £6 I saw other attendees with massive sloppy burgers. And in my head I’m thinking… I could have had an entire Paesano Pizza for that price.  Anyway, Babu Kitchen lacks flavor and unfortunately, it’s not for me. 

But now for the positive.

So, after sampling that and both of us being a bit mopey we decided you cannot go wrong with a coffee outside in the sun. Linton & Co Coffee left me feeling happy. A nice smooth flat white along with a peanut butter brownie that I reluctantly shared. That brownie was excellent. It was an almost perfect ratio of gooey to flakey.  


The weekend I popped round I was already full from a previous lunch… but instantly fell in love with The Crema Caravan. Crème brûlée on demand and this little van… basically cute overload.


I enjoy crème brûlée, but it is a rare treat. Burnt sugar is one of the best scents going, so I couldn’t really help being lured in. So, chocolate brownie for me (yes, I love brownies) and rhubarb custard for the mister. Both were excellent, because all the crème brûlée is identical except for the topping. It would have been nice to have a bit of fruit baked into the rhubarb crème brûlée etc, but I can understand for ease why there is only one base. Plenty of vanilla and very rich, but delicious. The portion might actually be slightly too much, that being said I ate it all.


And a then a third and final time. 

Yay, a new burrito to try. The server, who I assume might be the owner of Mighty Mexican was so insanely friendly that we didn’t even mind that the burrito was only okay. 

But, Chompsky’s, oft. Easily the biggest and ugliest truck there, but the bao was banging. Super soft steamed bun and had plenty of crunchy pickled veg. The pork was really tender and sweet. I’m so in love with bao at the moment and this might be the best in town.


I don’t know if it was the bao high but the atmosphere had some really good vibes third time around and I think it’s because there was live music. I’m not sure how related to the event the band was, but I think it definitely made the experience more enjoyable. What Good Food Glasgow is lacking is a sense of atmosphere to make it a real event.


There should definitely be more chairs and tables readily available, music and without seeming like a boozehound- some outdoor drinking. There is a lot of possibility for the food truck future. I understand weather in Scotland is rather questionable, but there’s a lot of empty buildings kicking about the city. Almost a scary amount, so who’s to say Glasgow can’t handle it’s own version of Dinerama? 

 So, in the end I did blow a small fortune, but mostly had a positive experience and it was great to see something like this in town. Until next time.