25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

This hotel is probably too hip for me.

I mean, bicycle rentals, morning monkey hollers, a permanent entrance line to a rooftop bar, hammocks…


Yeah. It’s far too hip for me. But when you’re on holiday nobody else has to know that, right?

So, if you’re planning a trip to Berlin this might be the place to lay your head.


Monkey Business


Sundays in Mauerpark, Berlin

I had previously heard from a few different sources that Mauerpark is worth a visit if you’re in Berlin, even more so if you happen to visit on a Sunday.

Sunshine, beer, layabouts, flea markets, street food and a little something called Bearpit Karaoke.

I’m easily sold.

Let’s venture back to three week ago.

Fiesta, San Antonio, TX

Let’s take another journey into the past.

Part of the reason I decided to visit San Antonio in April was because of Fiesta.

It’s an annual ten day event celebrating all things puro San Antonio through parades, parties, pin badges, bright colours and of course, food.

San Antonio is party city already, but it really comes to life during Fiesta. I couldn’t possibly do the history of Fiesta justice, so to find out more about it have a look on their website: Fiesta!

What I can do is share a little of my experience of the celebration. Let’s go!


Fiesta Fun!

Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival, New Braunfels, TX

Okay, here we go. Months later and I’m just finding some time to go through some photos and get motivated to sit and do a little writing. My head has been busy.

Seeing as my trip back home was in April and we’ve now reached mid-July all the details are a little fuzzy, but I still have things I want to share… and one of those things was my time at the 3rd annual Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival.


A day outside drinking Texas craft beer, munching a few snacks and listening to music… why not. Here’s how I got on.




Chicago Gourmet

The past month has been a bit of a whirlwind.

An absolutely amazing whirlwind of carbohydrates and beer which explains my five pound weight gain, but completely worth it. With all the early mornings, time changes, and lack of vegetables I’m just now getting around to something of a normal schedule.

My photos are all a mess, so it’s going to take some time to get everything sorted, but I have so much fun to share of my tales over stateside.

I wanted to start off with one of my favorite moments – Chicago Gourmet.

The event took place exactly four weeks ago, on the weekend of September 24th and 25th. We just so happened to be in town for the event and it could not have been a better coincidence. Essentially it’s a big ‘foodie weekend’ with a few special events, celebrity/local chef demos but the main part of the festival is just roaming around Millennium Park picking up endless fancy snacks and samples of various types of alcohol.

How adorable are these blue velvet donuts?

This is the 9th year for the event, which is presented by Bon Appétit magazine and had a good mix of local Chicago restaurants/chefs and nationally recognised brands – mainly in terms of alcohol.

You buy one pricey ticket (about $200 bucks) and then once the gate opens you get a little goodie bag that contains flyers, a ceramic Chicago Bears coaster, an energy bar and a little plastic tray. Then you pick up your Chicago Gourmet branded wine glass and that’s you free to let loose for five or six hours.

Genuinely you can grab as much food or drink as you want – no need for tokens/coupons or purchasing anything additional inside. It’s great.

There was so much to eat and drink and this being our first time here, not really knowing much about the event we just aimlessly walked around stuffing our faces. img_7683

Snacks Ahoy!

Away we go…

Hello Everyone.

I’m currently typing to you from a giant soft bed in Chicago. I’ve already eaten far too much today, but I still haven’t had this deep dish pizza. It has only been a day and a half, but that is half of our time here… and if I am being honest, the main inventive for paying a visit.

Och, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Like I planned to have my Cinnamon Chocolate Babka recipe up before the trip and I planned to get this deep dish pizza essentially upon arrival on Saturday night… But ended up lying down for a ‘nap’ after a 12 hour flight then waking up at midnight. Hm.

So, basically. I’m on holiday… for three whole weeks. Count them three.

This consists of a few days in Chicago and then to Texas for a catch up with family and tacos. Obviously.

I’m really excited to share all of my food adventures with you. I’ve already been making a few posts via Instagram and Twitter – though it is only the beginning. Social media will be a bit easier to update during this time, so please make sure you keep up! You know I take a while, but we get there in the end.

It’s my first time in Chicago and so far it’s been excellent. There will be plenty of updates to make, along with blog posts ahead.

And I’ll just say today’s food adventure was epic:

Chicago Gourmet.

Such full bellies. Also, we’re already sunburnt. It’s essentially only been one day as we arrived at sunset on Saturday. One day. Such pale bodies.

Anyway, I am full of enthusiasm and various cuts of pork and beef.

Oft to bed… tomorrow I need to make sure pizza happens.

Mon the snacking!


Mook Pancakes, Amsterdam

Mmm pancakes… so often you are on my mind. 

I just seem to have a craving for them lately which has me thinking about the last time I ate them…at Mook in Amsterdam.


Mook is a very much on the hip side. Plywood wood walls and Ikea greenery create the look and very relaxed atmosphere. It has some nice big windows letting a good amount of light in for you to enjoy your fresh food. 


They offer a small menu, less than ten choices of sweet and savory pancakes. Apologies for not getting a photo – too much excitement to be on holiday. Anyway, I am definitely a sweet pancake type of person, so I surprised myself a little bit by making a savory choice. 

What influenced me was the insanely delicious fresh pineapple juice. It was actually one of my favorite consumables from the weekend away. It was very sweet, I must have got a ripe one as there was not a lot of acid in the pineapple. A beautiful color and really satisfying to drink on a hot sunny morning.


The juice had so much natural sugar I thought more fruit and syrup might be a bit over an overload. So, salmon and creme fresh it was. Mr.Snacks ordered the hummus and roasted veg pancakes.

While we did enjoy our pancakes I can’t help but feel we made the wrong decision. The salmon was lovely and fresh and there was a seriously giant helping of it, but overall it felt a little on the dry side. It might have been in my mind, but it also felt strange eating salmon with thick fluffy pancakes.


Now the pancakes were definitely neutral. Mook uses spelt or oat flour for their pancakes and I didn’t get any hints of sugar. Same for the hummus pancakes. Nice smooth homemade hummus, but with pancakes it didn’t quite match up.

And even as I type this now I’m thinking, yeah… why would that match up? So, I take full responsibility for these poor decisions. 

I would definitely pay Mook another visit because DAMN that pineapple juice… but also because of the overwhelming amount of regret I have. I should have been one of the many to order chocolate covered pancakes with berries overflowing. Seriously craving this now.

Note, it’s not the cheapest place for breakfast, but it’s not terribly unreasonable either. You are getting a rather large portion. 

Unit next time.



De Clercqstraat 34,